Is Rotimi Amaechi a Human being?

Former Aviation Minister, Chief Fani-Kayode, has said that any attempt to cover up owner of the sums of $43million, £27,800 pounds and N23 million recovered by the Economic and..

Man marries two wives thesame Day and denies hv 4 rounds of s3x with each of them..

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it’s not possible for the man who married two wives same day to make love to his wives every night, going two rounds each...

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At a press briefing held by Victor Uwaje in Abuja, Senator Andy Uba was accused of being in possession of two different o-level results from two different schools..

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reason She Stopped Giving You The Green Light In 2017

Reason She Stopped Giving You The Green Light

The #1 reason a girl stops responding to a guy is because she is not sexually aroused by him.
The thought of having sex with you crossed her mind, and she decided… “nah, not him.”

So there’s no compelling reason for her to get back to you.

She’s got so many other things to do and people to see… and with sex off the table,
there is no burning NEED for her to talk to you anymore.

You’re just another “fvckboy” trying to grab a piece of her time… like a bum asking for change.

So, she does what everyone does when they get bored…

She takes the easy way out and ignores you, hoping you’ll get the point and fade away."

Ladies True Or False???


Friday, June 23, 2017

Drama as Group of Lesbians Brutally Beaten Up by 15 Homophobic Men Outside a Nightclub

Drama as Group of Lesbians Brutally Beaten Up by 15 Homophobic Men Outside a Nightclub

A gang of over 15 men have beaten up a group of lesbian friends in a shocking homophobic attack outside a nightclub in Portsmouth, England,.
According to Metro UK reports, the incident has since caused serious outrage in the area.

The eight women had been enjoying a night out last Sunday when the men started shouting abuse at them.

The taunts then turned violent after one men punched one of the women so hard, she lost seven of her front teeth.

Another woman was left bleeding and fitting on the floor following the incident at around 11.25pm on April 16.

The victims, aged 23, 24, 25, 27 and 32, did not wish to be named but pictures of their injuries show the damage done in the attack.
As others rushed to help the woman, who had been knocked to the ground, other men allegedly joined in the attack.

One victim, 23, said: ‘In the first punch seven of my top teeth were knocked out, and my jaw was fractured.

‘It seemed like the attack went on forever but the police are telling us it only lasted for around 10 minutes.’

The woman’s sister, who witnessed the attack, added: ‘I was begging them to stop. It wasn’t until they heard the sirens that they ran off.

‘They hit the 32-year-old woman at least 20 or 30 times, I’d say.
‘When they were done, they just dropped her like she was nothing and ran back into the club.
‘I then turned round and saw another man stamping on a woman’s head and another girl was fitting on the floor.

‘It was horrendous, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve had nightmares about it since it happened.’

A second victim, 25, added: ‘There was children there and the women were begging them to stop – it was like a riot.’

The 32-year-old woman said she was pushed against the shutters of a shop when the attack started and could not escape as her attackers circled her.
She said: ‘There was a massive group of at last seven attacking me and they were just punching me.’

A spokeswoman from Hampshire police said they were investigating the attack, but revealed they were yet to charge anyone.
She said: ‘We are investigating an altercation between two groups at about 11.25pm on April 16.

‘Three men, aged 25, 26 and 27, from London, were arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

‘Another man, 27, of Portsmouth, was arrested on suspicion of affray. They have been released but remain under close supervision.

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Thursday 22 June 2017: Twist Of Fate Season 1 Episode 209

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya might come back as the old Pragya to trick him and make him fall for her.
Abhi says he won't fall for any trick as he knows her

Grandmother sees Pragya dressed like her real self.
They go to talk in the secret room.

Grandmother asks why she's dressed like that.
Pragya says she can't continue to pretend because Abhi hates her.
Grandmother asks why she didn't tell her about her plans.
Pragya breaks down and tells her how  Abhi accused her of not caring for Bulbul.
Grandmother says she understands and Pragya should remember that Abhi doesn't hate her but her new character.
She says it's not the right time to reveal the plan because Abhi would not be free from Alia and Tanu so she needs to stay focused and complete the task and the same Abhi who hates her now, will love her.
Pragya begs for her forgiveness and says she will come to her if she feels weak again.
Grandmother assures her that Abhi would always be hers.
Pragya says she wants to see Bulbul but her mother is always in the hospital.
Grandmother says she will do something about it.

Abhi returns to the room.
He sees Pragya's glasses and picks it up.

Pragya is about to enter the room.
She retreats when she sees him and hides behind a pillar.

She summons courage and enters the room.
Abhi is shocked to see her looking like her real self.
He gets emotional.
She hurries off into the closet.

Purab calls Grandmother.
She asks him if Bulbul is conscious.
Purab says she's not.
He asks if she spoke to Pragya and knows what she wants to do.
Grandmother says she spoke to her and told her not to do it.
Purab tells her not to leave Pragya alone as she's missing Bulbul and she's lonely.

Sarla enters the room and has tears in her eyes.
Purab panics but relaxes when she tells him that he chose lovely flowers for Bulbul.

Pragya comes out of the closet looking like the new Pragya.
Abhi asks why she changed.
Pragya puts up an attitude.
Abhi says he doesn't know why he believed she changed but he has now realised she can never change.

Tanu comes to wake Alia up first thing in the morning.
She says she had a dream that Bulbul was perfectly fine.
Alia is not interested.
She tells her not to ruin her plans with her negativity.
Tanu says she's just trying to prepare her.
Alia says the doctor already said her vocal cord is damaged.
Tanu tells her not to forget that luck is never on their side and Pragya might win.

They see Mitali listening.
She begs them to involve her in their plans.
Alia says they were planning to tell Raj she was the one who made Raj go to prison by forging his signature.
Mitali tells them to forget as she didn't hear anything.
She runs off.

Pragya is at the hospital with Ronnie.
Grandmother sends Ronnie on an errand then tells Pragya to go in and see Bulbul.

Tanu suggests to Alia that they should go and see Bulbul.
Alia says she has things to do.
Tanu says it can just be for 5 minutes because she just has a bad feeling.

Aunt Indu asks what Tanu has a bad feeling about.
Alia says Tanu thinks Bulbul will recover.

Mitali comes with a newspaper and says there is an article that says people's dreams have been turning to reality lately.
Tanu panics.

Aunt Indu says she will follow them to the hospital.

Pragya is with Bulbul.
Bulbul is still unconscious.
Pragya cries and blames herself for what happened.
She begs Bulbul to get better.

Sarla enters the room and sees her.
She asks her what she's doing there.
Pragya quickly stands up and stops crying.

Sarla warns Pragya not to come again when she's there.
She asks if she came to see how much the treatment would cost her.

Purab enters the room with flowers and tells Sarla to give them to Bulbul.

Abhi, Grandmother, Tanu and Alia come to see Bulbul.
Abhi asks when Bulbul will wake up.
The doctor says she can recover at any time but they need to be careful with her.

When the doctor leaves, Bulbul wakes up
They call the doctor back.

The doctor sees she's trying to say something.
He gives her a notepad and pen to write.
Purab reads what she wrote saying there was someone at the party who wanted to kill Pragya.

Abhi asks if she can remember the person.

Alia and Tanu panic.

Bulbul writes that she didn't see his face but she saw him burn the rope to make the chandelier fall on Pragya.

Abhi says he won't spare that person.
He tells Pragya to come with him.

Alia and Tanu leave the room.
Tanu tells Alia that she warned her about trying to kill Pragya.
Alia tells her to keep quiet if she can't come up with a solution.
Tanu tells her to make sure Vijay stays away from Abhi.
Alia tries his number but it's switched off.
Tanu tells Alia not to call her name if she gets caught.
Alia tells her to keep quiet.

Grandmother asks Bulbul why she didn't tell them someone was after Pragya.
Purab says she didn't want to alarm them that's why.

The doctor checks Bulbul and says she is still very weak.
He gives her a sedative.

Abhi is driving with Pragya in the car.
She asks where they are going.
He says he doesn't know but he wants them to put aside their differences and solve the matter as the person tried to kill her but it's not because he cares about he, it's because he is worried that someone could get into his house and harm someone.
He asks what she thinks.
Pragya says she thinks they should speak to all the people who attended the party maybe someone saw something.
Abhi thinks about it.

When they get back home, Pragya tells Ronnie to give her the names of all the guests and people who provided services at the wedding.

Abhi asks if she got anything.
She says maybe the person was not a guest and a family member.
Abhi is upset that she is accusing his family again
She tells him the decorator only got access into the house because a family member helped him.
Abhi says he would find out who helped him.

Pragya wonders if Alia is the person trying to kill her.

Abhi gathers the family members and asks if they know anything about who wants Pragya dead.
He tells them to speak up because if he finds out himself, he won't spare the person.

Ronnie runs in and says he knows who the person is.
He says the real caterer said someone beat him up that night and he had to go to the hospital; he then remembered that the person who came and pretended to be a caterer was the decorator because he imagined him without the beard.
Abhi says he won't spare the decorator.

Alia is in her room with Tanu.
Tanu is freaking out.
Alia says she's angry with Vijay for leaving so many clues.

Mitali comes n to ask for Ran.
She complains that he spends more time with them than her.

Tanu calls Raj on her phone and tells him that Mitali is missing him.
Mitali takes the phone and asks why he doesn't pick her call but picks Tanu's call.
She leaves the room with the phone.

Aunt Indu tells Grandmother that she doesn't think any member of the family will try to kill Pragya.
Grandmother says she's worried about Bulbul.
Aunt Indu says Pragya doesn't even care about her sister.

Pragya tells Abhi that a member of the family hired the decorator.
Abhi asks if she's accusing his family again.
Pragya says she has no business with the decorator so for him to want her dead, someone she offended must have hired him.
He asks how he will find the decorator.

He gets an idea and tells her to come with him as he now knows where they can find the decorator.

Catch 'Twist of Fate' on Zee World (DSTV) Channel 166) Weekdays at 8:00 pm C.A.T

Source: Tvloversnaija

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Wednesday 21 June 2017: Twist Of Fate Season 1 Episode 208

Alia sees Vijay in a room upstairs and asks him what he's doing there.
He shows her the rope holding the living room chandelier in place and tells her that he wants Pragya to stand under the chandelier so that he burns the rope and the chandelier falls on her.

Bulbul thanks God that the function is over and nothing happened.
She looks upstairs and sees Alia and Vijay by the balcony but she can’t make out their faces.
Alia sees her and asks Vijay for a lighter.
Vijay gives her one and she walks away.
He follows her.

Bulbul runs upstairs and when she doesn’t see anyone by the balcony, she thinks she probably imagined things.

Alia goes to the room and sets fire to the rope holding the chandelier.

Bulbul smells the smoke and goes into the room.
She tries to put out the fire but she's unable to.

She runs downstairs to warn Pragya to get out of the way.
She pushes Pragya out of the way and the chandelier lands on Bulbul.

The family members scream as the chandelier lands on her.
She lays underneath, motionless.

At the hospital, Sarla begs the doctor to save her child.
The doctor says she needs to have surgery.
Sarla weeps and begs him to hurry up.
Abhi and his grandmother console her.

Purab is also crying.
Alia goes to him and asks what is going on.
Purab says he wants to see Bulbul but the doctors don't want to allow him to.
He begs her to help him.
Alia assures him that she would go and talk to Bulbul.
She begs him not to cry.
Purab starts freaking out.
Alia holds him as he cries.

Pragya is in a daze.
A nurse gives her Bulbul’s hospital bill to sign.
She signs and the nurse accuses her of signing the wrong bill.
Pragya says it’s the nurse's fault for giving her the wrong bill.
The nurse says they see thousands of patients.
Pragya says she won't pay the bill she signed because it wasn’t her fault.

Abhi hears her and says she has stooped so low as to not want to pay for her sister's treatment.
Pragya tries to explain but he doesn't give her a chance to.
Pragya says when he doesn't care about what she has to say, then why should she bother explaining to him.
Abhi says he has seen a new side of her and if something like this happens to him, he doesn't want her to spend any money on him.
Pragya is shocked and hurt by his words.
He says he never believed in God but when she disappeared, he prayed to God to bring her back to him but now he prays God keeps her away from him.

The doctor comes out of surgery and tells the family that Bulbul will be okay but there are still complications.
Abhi asks what he means.
The doctor says Bulbul’s face is badly damaged and it won't be normal after the bandages are removed and she might even lose her voice.
Everyone is horrified.

Alia smiles secretly.
Purab asks the doctor if Bulbul will still be able to see him and hold his hand.
The doctor says he can't say yet.

Alia consoles him.

Abhi asks the doctor if they can see Bulbul.
The doctor says tomorrow.

Alia orders a cake and it's delivered to her at the hospital car park.
She places it on her car bonnet and lights the candles.

Raj and Tanu see her.
She asks if they are following her.
Raj asks why she's celebrating with a cake on the road.
Alia asks if she can't just order a cake.
Raj says what happened to Bulbul wasn't an accident.
Tanu says the plan was to kill Pragya.
Raj urdes Alia to tell them what happened or she won't have their support anymore.

Alia admits what she did with Vijay.
She says Purab will be hers now; he can’t love someone who has a damaged face.
Tanu says what if Purab loves Bulbul like that.
Alia says Purab fell in love with Bulbul's beauty so now it's gone, he would come to Alia.
She invites them to have cake with her.

At night, Pragya sees the dolls on the bed.
She remembers Abhi's harsh words to her.
She's overcome with emotions as she remembers the chandelier falling on Bulbul.

Abhi returns home drunk.
She tells him to go to bed.
He says she has proven to him once again that she's right and he's wrong.
He thanks her for making him believe there is no such thing as love and emotions and for making him the biggest fool for hoping he would one day get back his love.
He thanks her for also making him realise that when he dies nobody will cry for him.

Pragya tells herself that she has had enough of hurting Abhi and it's killing her.
She decides to tell him everything tomorrow about his enemies and her objectives and she will have to live with whatever his reaction is.

Sarla and Purab go to visit Bulbul in the morning. 
Sarla breaks down when she sees her face covered in a bandage.
Purab begs her not to cry so that Bulbul doesn't see her like that.
He hides his own tears.
Sarla sees him crying and wipes his tears.
She tells him that his love will help Bulbul recover.

Pragya dresses in her old clothes and looks like the old Pragya again.
She puts on her glasses.

Abhi wakes up and doesn't see her in the room.
He decides to leave before she comes back.

Pragya is in the closet.
She comes out and sees Abhi who has his back turned to her.
She tries to talk to him but he says he doesn't want to talk to her.
She begs him to turn around.
He says his day will be spoiled if he looks at her.
He walks out of the room.

Alia comes into the hospital room.
She tells Sarla and Purab that she brought them fruits.
Sarla says she's not hungry.
Alia says Bulbul will feel bad if she sees they haven't eaten anything.

Purab cuts the apples and serves them to Sarla.
Sarla eats and feeds him.

Abhi arrives.
He tells Sarla not to worry so much.
Sarla says she’s not worried.
She starts crying again.

Purab looks around.
Abhi tells him not to expect Pragya because she won't come.

Purab says he wants to see the doctor.
He leaves the room.

Pragya is at home crying for Bulbul.
She gets a call from Purab who wants to know why she hasn't come to the hospital.
Pragya says she has decided to tell Abhi everything as he doesn't want to see her.
Purab says it might make things worse.
She says Bulbul got hurt because of her and she doesn't want to hurt anyone else.

Alia is driving with Tanu in the car.
Alia is singing.
Tanu complains that Alia is happy now and doesn't care about her anymore.
She begs her to get Pragya out of the way just as she did Bulbul.
Alia says Abhi already got Pragya to sign the document so as soon as Pragya knows, she will leave and Tanu can marry Abhi.

Abhi gets home but stops at the door to the room.
Pragya see his shadow and panics.

 Payal comes to tell Abhi that Tanu is unconscious in Alia's room.
Abhi rushes to her.

Tanu says she doesn't know how it happened.
Abhi complains she doesn't take care of herself.
She asks if he got Pragya to sign the document.
He asks if she doesn't realise Bulbul is in the hospital.
She complains that he cares about everyone but her.

Pragya stands at the door listening.

Abhi tells Pragya that once Bulbul recovers, they will take everything from Pragya.


Kcee feat. Olamide – ‘We go party

Kcee feat. Olamide – ‘We go party[Audio + Video]

Five Star Music boss of life  “Kcee” recruits the prowess of the street king “Olamide” to render a groove packed song for the dance floor. The high life tune coined “We go party” was produced by Mystro Listen and Enjoy!
Listen & Download “Kcee Ft. Olamide – We Go Party (Prod. By Mystro)” below

NB: Kcee has officially started the countdown to the release of his second studio album scheduled to drop in July 2017.


Kcee Ft. Olamide – We Go Party  (Video)


Diamond Platnumz – I Miss You [AUDIO + VIDEO]

 [AUDIO + VIDEO] Diamond Platnumz – I Miss You

Diamond Platnumz – I Miss You

Just a few hours ago, Diamond Platnumbz released an amazing single titled Fire.
Here is is again, almost immediately, releasing a second content titled “I Miss You“.
I Miss You, sees Diamond reminiscing about the girl he once loved.
Listen, Watch & Download “Diamond Platnumz – I Miss You” below:-


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Latest Song: WizKid – Naughty Ride ft. Major Lazer

WizKid – Naughty Ride ft. Major Lazer
WizKid – Naughty Ride ft. Major Lazer

Off his highly anticipated “Sounds From The Other Side” EP, Starboy Worldwide boss, Wizkid decides to whet the appetite of his esteemed fans with a Major Lazer collaboration titled “Naughty Ride“.
This comes shortly after he shared his Chris Brown assisted banger dubbed “African Bad Girl“.
Listen & Download “Wizkid Ft. Major Lazer – Naughty Ride” below!!!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Annie Idibia Fires Back At IG User Who Sarcastically Made Reference To Her Destination Wedding(Photos)

Annie Idibia
Annie Idibia and 2baba had their destination white wedding in Dubai back in 2013. 

While preaching today for people to support and buy Nigerian brands, an Instagram user sarcastically replied her with the hashtags "#supportNigeriaBrand and #DoYourWeddingsInNigeria". 

Annie replied her immediately, schooling her on how big her traditional wedding that held in Nigeria was.
Annie Idibia
Annie Idibia





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