Is Rotimi Amaechi a Human being?

Former Aviation Minister, Chief Fani-Kayode, has said that any attempt to cover up owner of the sums of $43million, £27,800 pounds and N23 million recovered by the Economic and..

Man marries two wives thesame Day and denies hv 4 rounds of s3x with each of them..

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it’s not possible for the man who married two wives same day to make love to his wives every night, going two rounds each...

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At a press briefing held by Victor Uwaje in Abuja, Senator Andy Uba was accused of being in possession of two different o-level results from two different schools..

Monday, July 24, 2017

[18+] Girl Poses Unclad Photos With Boyfriend At A Beer Joint In Enugu[Photos + Video]

Some grown-up photos of a young woman are as of now inclining on Facebook after she postured unclad photo with her boyfriend freely at an unwinding focus while talking alcohol.

An unidentified lady in Enugu, South Eastern part of Nigeria has done the unthinkable under the influence of alcohol after which she publicly Stripped herself naked and took pictures with her lover.

Her lover was also spotted sucking her Breasts publicly with on-lookers enjoying the sight of her body. The identity of the lady remains hidden but rumours have it that she might be a Prostitute as the assumed lover showed no concern for her nudity.


So Shocking!!! Ladies Now Wear Fake Vagina (18+)

Out of all the fake things ladies wear today, i have been sitting tight for the day i would see pictures of fake vagina. Presently it has turned into a reality.

Ladies now wear fake ones to make its lips look fatter than it looks. Might we be able to state is the end time or only for the sexual delight. Well I will leave the rest for you to choose.


[VIDEO] Naija Ladies Answer Questions Men Are Afraid To Ask

5 young ladies talk genuinely on a portion of the things men would need to think about bras, Sex, periods and dating, yet are excessively perplexed, making it impossible to inquire.

In a video from Thenetng, Yemi, Oyinda, Sharon, Enitan and Anu talk about stuff most people would rather avoid: the comfort of bras, being turned on, feeling aroused, dating a friend’s Ex boyfriend and more.

One described being aroused this way, “Hard N!ppl3s, you are wet everywhere, water dropping down your legs…”
When asked about Bras, Another participant said, “I love wearing Bra, I wear Bra 24/7, even to sleep. When I wear Bra, I feel like I’m held in place, I’m supported.”

This video will either knock your socks off or make you wince!

Watch below!!! 

Or you Can Download Below!!!



2 Male Students Were Seen Kissing Publicly In Lekki Expressway, Lagos

Two yet to be identified Secondary school students were gotten on camera in a h0t condition of sentiment in an open space without trying to hide.

The identities of these Secondary school students engaging in an act of Homosexuality can’t be ascertained but a pictorial evidence may put them in danger.

Social media reports have it that the two boys were photographed from a distance by an eagle-eyed person while the duo were kissing along Lekki expressway publicly.

It ought to be noticed that Homosexuality in Nigeria pulls in a long sentence of 14 years.


Jeez!!! Lady Goes Unclad In Stadium During A Football Match(Photos)

This crazy stuff happened during a football friendly match in the stadium.
Is this her way of supporting the team? Its like something more going on down there…*wink* We are not interested anyway.
Just surprised she could go nude like that in public.


5 Amazing Water Falls In Nigeria You Must Visit

Mystical, unbelievable and remarkable are seeing waterfalls in Nigeria. As water course from the stones from ascertained a stature, the entire being of guests is regularly captured as the eyes gleams with such a great amount of satisfaction in energy about this extraordinary endowment of nature. A great many people never need to leave as they set up camp to have a lifetime cooperation with nature. It's an ordeal that each Nigerian must have. These waterfalls cut the nation over.

Checking out these waterfalls important now more than ever as the government encourages Nigerians to buy and patronize homemade services. It begs the question why some Nigerians prefer to go on vacation abroad rather than visiting the tourist attractions here where you are offered  all round hospitality from accommodation to food and relaxation. In line with this, We roll out five awe-inspiring waterfalls in Nigeria where you do not need to spend millions to visit!

1. The Agbokim Waterfall

Are you a Nigerian and you have journeyed round the world and never visited Calabar? You should pack your bags now, book the next flight and leave for Calabar. Why? Calabar is Nigeria’s Disney. In fact, when it comes to tourism and hospitality, Calabar possesses everything you want.
The Calabar carnival, Obudu Cattle Ranch and the amazing, amazing Agbokim Waterfalls are among the most priced possessions of the state! Agbokim Waterfall is regarded as the seven-wonders of nature because of the seven streams from which water flows. It sits comfortably in Etung local government and it is also in proximity with the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

2. The Assop Waterfall
Assop waterfalls
The Assop waterfall is located in Jos. It is a reliable place to have fun. You will not be disappointed as there is so much to do. Shrills of excitement will travel through your spine by the sheer sight of the waterfall.

3. Awhum Waterfall
The Coal City state, Enugu is where Awhum waterfall is tucked away. Specifically, it is located at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi local government area. It cascades 30 meters downwards. It is an inviting and idyllic sight that beckons on everyone to visit. It is close to the Awhum monastery. In addition, the water is said to have some spiritual powers. Do not hesitate to have a peek at the Awhum waterfall when you are in Enugu state.

4. The Gurara Waterfall
This pictures of Gurara waterfall on the internet are enough to convince you to visit this waterfall- “The waterfall is about one hour from Minna, Niger State. The sound is almost deafening with the water hurriedly splashing on the rocks below. The climb towards the fall is exciting. Navigating closer to the fall is adventurous but you to have good grip shoes because the rocks are wet and slippery. Do not go alone, come with your snacks and food to enjoy nature.” Gurara waterfall is located in Niger and it is an hour drive from Abuja. The Waterfall covers a length of 200 meters with a drop of 30 meters.

5. The Olumirin Waterfall
Osun State is a cultural hub in Nigeria. The Olumirin waterfall is an enhanced motivation to visit the state. It is located in Erin Ijesha in Oriade, local government area. You will be enchanted by the seven steps of rock and the seven waterfalls as it flows unhindered and majestically among the rocks and splashes downwards with massive force. It is a fascinating and picturesque scenery.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Two Beautiful Ladies Drowned At Elegushi Beach After Attending A Friend’s Birthday Party

Two women professedly lost their lives on saturday at Elegushi beach, Lagos subsequent to going to a friend's birthday.
Their friend took to instagram to share the tragic news.

Below is what she wrote:

What was supposed to be a day of fun and laughter and birthday wishes quickly turned into one of sorrow and endless tears.
Funmi and Sola, both graduates of Covenant University and in mid twenties lost their lives at Elegushi beach while at a friend’s birthday party yesterday. I can’t help but wonder if maybe it would be a different story if we just had lifeguards at locations like these in Nigeria or a wave alert system or even an emergency medical unit.

These lives matter. They were young vibrant adults looking to make a change in our country. They had just completed their masters programme in International Law and Diplomacy at Unilag.
This can’t be the norm in our society, every life matters.

All we ask is that the legislature parastatal in control investigate this. Let our shorelines be protected once more.


Man Almost Beat Up Orezi For Sleeping With His Wife(Video)

A man almost beat up & strip Orezi naked  at a show in Surulere on Sunday for sleeping with his wife.

The man claims Orezi slept with his wife. The sad man can be heard saying,
“which kind yeye celeb you be. Why you dey Fuck my wife, e good like that.”

People around where asking him to leave Orezi has he moved closer to hold him, trying to hit him.

Watch the short video below.


Breaking News: UNILORIN Lecturer Caught Sexually Harassing Female student In His Office (Video)

Dr. Mohammed Sani Idiagbon, a University of Ilorin teacher was purportedly gotten on a video  sexually harassing a female student  in his office.

According to a very close friend of the victim in the audio clip who claimed anonymity, the girl missed his class test. Consequently, Idiagbon used the opportunity to invite her to his office for sex as the only alternative to pass the course.

The report attached to the YouTube clip shows that the school management, up till 30th May 2017, failed to see to the matter and therefore left the student in great threat and despair. However, according to Naijcrackgist correspondent, though the university is yet to make official remarks on this issue, recent report gathered so far has shown that Idiagbon has been suspended by the school authority.

Report gathered shows that Idiagbon has two major ways of setting traps for students – making them to fail his course and attaching to him a lot of female project/thesis supervisees.

“Gist has it that he preys on innocent ladies in the department – exchanging sex for grades. Mind you, he feast on supersize ladies who are way beyond his fist. In addition, this man has no pity and can crush even male students that will not leave their ‘target’. I can only describe Idiagbon as sex-for-Grade Master (SGM).” said Babajide Roland, former student of the department.

“This lecturer tells his students to their face that they will fail his course (i.e. Syntax), a challenging course to most students. A classmate once told me he wanted to sleep with her in his office. She told him she was engaged and he replied that’s not new; she then lied that she was pregnant and he replied it is even sweeter with pregnancy. Anyway, what happened next my friend didn’t tell me.” Lamented Mrs. Adeyemi L. Adedigba, a former student of Idiagbon.

Surprisingly, almost 95% of his students (former and current) interviewed claimed that Idiagbon does his $exual and corrupt acts in collaboration with his co-worker in the department, Taofeeq Alabi (popularly called Michael Jackson). Some of these students say that these two University of Ilorin English Department lecturers ensure they’re made to be in charge of students’ results compilation team and volunteer most times to serve as members of examination committee in order to ease perpetration of their atrocities.

Since a bill for a law which prescribes five-year jail term for lecturers who engage in $exual relationship with students has passed second reading at the senate, it is the belief of most concerned Nigerians (students in particular) that Idiagbon should be brought to book with no delay in order to serve as deterrent for other lecturers like him.

It is trusted that as per the patron of the bill, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege "… the bill forces hardened punishments on guilty parties in its general goal of giving more tightly statutory security to understudies against sexual threatening vibe and all types of inappropriate behavior in universities. The bill gives an obligatory five-year imprison term for teachers who sexually disturb understudies. At the point when gone into law, bad habit chancellors of colleges, ministers of polytechnics and other CEOs of foundations of higher learning will go to imprison for a long time on the off chance that they neglect to act inside seven days on protests of inappropriate behavior made by understudies… "



Lady Caught Taking Selfie During Ministration In Church

See the madness called selfie. Was she praying or acting???

Na wa ooo, nothing we no go see. 


How To Become Face Of The Week On NCG

How To Become Face Of The Week On NCG

On Naijcrackgist  We featured each gender faces once in every week (Sunday), We Showcase Their Pictures And a little information about them.. 

To become the next face to be featured, you need to do the following. 

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1. At worst 8-10 Different Pictures Of Yourself 
2. And fill the below form, just leave any field you don't feel like sharing blank. 

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This entries will be reviewed immediately we receive your email and qualified profile will be featured on Sunday. 

“Submission Closes Every Saturday And Open Every Monday Of The Week. 
Face Of The Week Will Be Featured/Posted On ViralGist Every Sunday. 

Be very sure that this is not selected by being first to mail us nor being last, we select this randomly and don't rest if we don't feature your entries doesn't mean your are not up to the standard, its just means you need to try some other time and try making your profile looks better and be detailed. 

Best Regard. 
Team @Naijcrackgist 


Davido Goes Unclad In New Photo He Posted On Instagram

Omo baba Olowo (OBO), king of HKN Gang Davido, took to his Instagram page an unclad photo of himself, showing off some of his body tattoos.


Five Secrets Your Girlfriend Won't Tell You, No 4 Will Amaze You

Do you truly believe that your young lady has never misled you? You could not be right. Indeed, even the most genuine sweetheart shrouds a hefty portion of her sentiments and musings from her life accomplice. There are such a large number of things that they ponder however never say.

Women have their deepest secrets that they won’t share with you –never ever. Their wild fantasies, hidden fears, past lovers, unshared longings, insecurities; these are some of the forbidden secrets of females that they won’t tell you.

Even if you men try hard, you can never dig down what lies in the deepest corner of her heart. You can never figure out what is going on inside her mind. So, you’re better off not trying. It’s not that I am accusing women of betrayal and infidelity. They can be truly and sincerely in love with you, but at the same time, they won’t give you access to their secret chamber.
Here are six secrets that your girlfriend won’t let you know ever.

1. They Like To Be Chased
Yes, it is a fact. Women like to be chased. They want their ‘man’ to chase her, willing to do everything to get her. Girls just love this feeling that they are that much important for a man.
It’s not that, girls just want to be chased and not caught, but they don’t want that feeling to go away, even after they are caught by their ‘right man’.
Women want men to woo them. They don’t want to get trapped by some insincere person. So, before quitting this chase game and before submitting themselves, they really want to make sure that the person has what it takes to be their ‘right guy’.

2. They Love It When You Are Jealous
Your girlfriend will never give you an idea of how much she loves the look on your face when you are jealous. They are not looking for a crazy maniac jealous man, but someone who is possessive about them.
If you find your girl flirting lightly with a dashing guy in a party or at the bar, she just wants to hear ‘you are mine’ from you. Yes, these women do have this twisted idea of winning their guy by flirting with others.
Once you tell them about your feeling of jealousy they will come running to you happy and satisfied. They have achieved what they wanted from their flirting game.

3. They Send Out Mixed Signals
It is one of the most complexed traits of women. They are communicators, but you have to be very vigilant to read between the lines when communicating with your girlfriend.
If they say they are ‘OK’, it is mostly the other way around. Women do send out mixed signals and they want their man to figure it out on his own. It can be their psychology, hormones or nature; but women are like this.
If you sense a problem, ask her and if her answer is a brief sentence like ‘I am fine’, or ‘I’m just okay’, then gear yourself up because there is something wrong, for sure. And the main issue is she will not let you know what the actual problem is. She wants you to figure it out and then deal with it.
Mostly, women want their significant other to put in the effort to get her to talk about her issues. Dig deep, get connected with her at a deeper level, only then you will be really communicating with her.
Women are made this way and they can’t help it. So, you need to work on this to make your relationship strong and successful.

4. Her Bestie Knows Everything
That is another forbidden secret. Girls share each and every detail of their relationship with their best friends. Their besties know everything, literally everything.
Many men will get offended with this idea, but that’s how it is. Women need to confide into their besties. It is their nature. Your girlfriend’s bestie will know all her secrets, her past relationships, how she is getting along with you, means each and everything. And of course, she is not going to let you have an idea what details she has shared with her bestie. Even if your girlfriend is about to breakup with you, her bestie would know much much before you.
If you are planning to talk to her bestie about your girlfriend’s past or about her relationship with you, hold it right there. She is your girlfriend’s bestie, not yours.

5. They Feel Insecure
Insecurity is a built-in feeling that every girl has. Girls always feel insecure that their man might fall for another girl. They might never let you know how they feel when you are in close interaction with other girls, but they do feel insecure.
And don’t ever try to play the ‘jealous game’ with your girlfriend. She will be more insecure in her relationship with you. Don’t pay more attention to any other girl/woman than you do to your girlfriend. Never ever give too many compliments or positive remarks about another girl in front of your girl. She is definitely not going to like it.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vocalist Miley Cyrus Allowed Fans to Touch Her Va**na & B**bs During Live Performance[Photos & Video]

Fans went wild after vocalist, Miley Cyrus permitted them grab and touch her genitals amid an execution.

American singer Miley Cyprus has stunned people who came out for her show by allowing them grope and touch her butts and crotch during a performance.

She went above the normal as she danced and sang, then came to the crowd on stage and offered her body to them. They practically did what they wanted with it. She even slipped her tongue in a fans mouth as many people went wild.


I Never Knew Sex is This Sweet, I Wish I Can Do It Daily – Apostle Job Antwi

A pastor  who has recently had intercourse surprisingly after marriage has stood up about how he felt about the experience.
Apostle Job Antwi 

Job Antwi is a popular pastor who is known for his vow to remain a virgin till his wedding night.
The pastor, who is the spokesperson of the group calling itself the Association of Virgin Pastors, has finally had s*x and now say he regrets breaking his virginity very late.

According to Adom News, the Man of God who tied the knot last weekend, said he never knew there was something sweet in a women until he married.
“I never knew se*x is this sweet; since I was born I have not experienced this before. It is sweeter than everything, in fact I wish I can do it every day,” he stated in an interview on Joy FM’s Weekend City show.
Recounting his first experience, Apostle Antwi said he nearly cried because he didn’t want to disappoint his newly wife, adding that his wife whom he claimed is experienced sexually, assisted him to navigate his way through the ‘Garden of Eden’ very easily.
“My wife has dated before and has experience so she taught me how to do it. I love my wife than every lady on this earth,” he stressed.

Job Antwi maintained that, he is still anointed and powerful even after breaking his virginity since he is lawfully married.

“If you marry in the Lord and you sleep with a woman, God likes it so still the power of God is upon me,” he stated.

Apostle  Antwi who depicted himself as a benefactor of the Virgin ministers said he will soon report the new leader of the gathering.





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